We are operating our own advanced footwear production facility based in Asia and are catering to business enquires for other brand makers for footwear development & Productions.

“We are not just a footwear maker, or a Brand & Product developer nor an Asian craftsman, but we understand the overall concept of Comfort solution to the Foot in footwear”

We have developed gaining vast experience on varies types of footwear material selections, bonding gains, production leverages, lead time advancement and cost competitiveness.

Previews of clients
  • Flip’s ( ASIA )
  • Geans Footwear ( EUROPE )
  • Alscro Sandals ( USA )
  • TUTA shoes ( SINGAPORE )
  • And more….

Our Projects & Services

From Product designing, Pattern developing, Product Development, Brand Development, Product testing and checking, Monitoring of Supply Chain, production, packaging, bar coding system, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Designing, Merchandizing development, A& P development, Promotional tool development, and till the delivery to your door step as a turnkey basis.

Today with a production facility of 8000 sqf, advanced technology, quality & experienced workmanship and committed/filtered contractors we are able to produce 2,000,000 pairs/annum with excess capacity to groom your orders!

Partners can directly contact us via email at :
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